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Elevation from Rochester (New York) to New York City

Elevation (ft)04008001,2001,6002,000
Grade %-8-6-4-20246
Max elevation: 1998 ft / 609 m
Min elevation: 4 ft / 1 m
Elevation change: 1995 ft / 608 m
Max grade: 4%
Min grade: -6.6%
Steepness score: 15 + 661 + 5751 + 11 = 6439
Distance: 331.97 mi / 534.25 km
Travel Time: 5 hours 22 mins
  Difficulty% Grade
Very Difficult>20%
Make sure you double check everything if you're planning a road trip. Elevation data comes from different sources and may not reflect true driving conditions, so talk to other RVers if you're concerned about steep grades. If you're planning to drive in the winter and you want to avoid snow, check the road conditions from Rochester (New York) to New York City. You can also view a 3-D map of Rochester (New York) elevation or New York City elevation.
These are some of the possible highways along this route. Use the GPS in your car to verify all driving directions. If you're looking campgrounds along the way, search for RV parks between Rochester (New York) and New York City.

I-49014 mi / 23 km
I-9061 mi / 98 km
I-69010 mi / 16 km
I-81128 mi / 206 km
I-38030 mi / 48 km
I-8063 mi / 101 km
I-28016 mi / 26 km
Holland Tunnel7 mi / 11 km