Elevation from San Francisco to Vacaville via Martinez

Elevation (ft)-1000100200300400500600
Grade %-20-15-10-5051015202530
Max elevation: 577 ft / 176 m
Min elevation: -73 ft / -22 m
Elevation change: 649 ft / 198 m
Max grade: 22.4%
Min grade: -18.2%
Steepness score: 2 + 2237 + 8253 + 2 = 10495
Distance: 72.98 mi / 117.44 km
Travel Time: 1 hours 24 mins

  Difficulty% Grade
Very Difficult>20%
This alternate route appears to be flatter than the direct route from San Francisco to Vacaville. The "steepness" score is 10495 which is lower than the score of 17912 for the direct route. A lower score means the route is likely to be flatter, but you should also check with other travelers to find out if the roads might be more difficult. If we break down the score into components, the first part is the average elevation score, which is 2 vs 2 for the direct route. The second part is the maximum grade or slope score, which is 2237 compared to 3265. The third part measures the average grade. This route has a grading score of 8253 vs 14643. Finally, the last part factors in the extra driving distance, which has a score of 2 vs 2. All of these components make up the total score that we use to determine which route has greater steepness and elevation change to give you an idea of waypoints that might lead to the flattest route.
Make sure you double check everything if you're planning a road trip. Elevation data comes from different sources and may not reflect true driving conditions, so talk to other RVers if you're concerned about steep grades. For alternate routes, check the main San Francisco to Vacaville elevation profile. If you're planning to drive in the winter and you want to avoid snow, check the road conditions from San Francisco to Vacaville. You can also view a 3-D map of San Francisco elevation or Vacaville elevation.

These are some of the possible highways along this route. Use the GPS in your car to verify all driving directions. If you're looking for campgrounds along the way, search for RV parks between San Francisco and Vacaville.

2 mi / 3 km
I-809 mi / 14 km
I-5804 mi / 6 km
I-8011 mi / 18 km
12 mi / 19 km
I-68018 mi / 29 km
I-8015 mi / 24 km